Hackover 2023

A short computer history lesson that leads into creating an 8-bit computer
2023-07-15, 16:30–18:30 (Europe/Berlin), Raum 1.5
Language: German

...just using a 65C02 CPU and am RP2040 microcontroller as a chipset.

Gramps shares a few tales from the trenches. Like how the first mircoprocessors entered the homes of the people. Let's take a quick overview how things turned from a tool that just a few people could work with into a toy for children.

But since a history lecture is mostly boring in itself, let's do some hands on as well and build a very simple 8 bit computer. Using a 65C02 as a CPU. It's a variant of the chip that started home computing with machines like the Apple-1 and II, the Commodore PET, VIC-20, C64, Atari 400/800 and many others. The rest of the system (like RAM and I/O) will be provided by a Raspberry Pi Pico. The system will be able to give deep insights of the CPU on the bus level, Furthermore it will be able to run code written for the Apple-1 and is intended to be modular and expandable.

The computer will be sold (maybe as an easy to solder kit) for 15 EUR.

All info is available at https://xayax.net/sorbus/

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